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Why Health Simplified?

Medical billing and coding have evolved to include quality-based healthcare. Physicians now face rewards, penalties, or no changes based on their service quality. Our medical billing and MIPS reporting solutions help independent practices easily adapt to these industry changes.

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What Services Health Simplified Provides?

Guarantee peace of mind with us at your side for all your revenue cycle management responsibilities.

1. Accounts Receivable Management

Your medical practice cannot survive if you have lots of accounts receivable on the table.

2. Revenue Cycle Management

We take care of revenue cycle management disparities, ensuring payment posting.

3. MIPS Reporting Services.

We ensure a high-performance score with incentives in MIPS by compiling and submitting your specialty-specific data to CMS as per the reporting requirements.

4. Medical Billing Services.

As your medical billing service, we do everything in our professional capacity, from coding to billing to reviewing claims.


Committed to Offer Help in Practice Management

Each Healthcare specialty has different needs, and managing them all at once is challenging for clinicians. We, at HealthCare Simplified, bring in every effort to streamline and elevate your Healthcare medical billing & Coding performance. Dedicated resources who are trained to perfection as per the Healthcare industry updates make not your everyday finances easy to manage but also influence the revenue cycle management in the long run. The leverages your medical practice can cash with our professional billing and coding assistance can open new growth ventures. With us, you will enter a system where there are lesser rejections and more timely reimbursements from payers. make this statement change in simple vacabolary and used words which is mostly search for medical billing.



Outsource Healthcare Medical billing & Coding defines the whole process of claims submissions, clearinghouse strategy, and generating income for providers. No matter the size of your medical practice, our experienced resources handle the administrative load on your behalf to expedite the process of collections.


Leverage Professional MIPS Consulting Services.

The advantage of timely and accurate Professional MIPS reporting is not a secret anymore. Clinicians understand that this value-based incentive payment model adds value to not only their practice workflow but also rewards them with incentives. Hire MIPS consulting firm that documents your clinical performance as per the highest reporting standards.


Believe in us, we won’t let you down

We audit your medical practice upside down and come up with a workflow that optimizes your performance in every manner and adds value to the crumbling billing system.

Quality Practice Management.

We prevent revenue leakages by identifying the loopholes that threaten your timely collections and keep you on the growth track.

Accurate Billing

We share your administrative burden and offer HIPAA-complaint services that result in a first-time pass from clearinghouses.

Flexible and Affordable Solutions.

No matter the scale of your practice, we got a perfect solution tailored as per your requirements and with no hidden clauses.

All Specialties.

Whether you belong to any of the following specialties, we have the ultimate health IT solution for you. We will help you with the revenue cycle optimization through an efficient medical billing process, HIPAA compliance, and MIPS reporting for incentives and bonuses.


Our cardiology medical billing services ensure accurate claims and timely reimbursements, helping your practice thrive.


Our OBGYN medical billing services ensure accurate claims and quick reimbursements, allowing your practice to run smoothly.


Our psychology medical billing services ensure accurate claims and timely reimbursements, keeping your practice efficient.


Our chiropractic medical billing services ensure accurate claims and prompt reimbursements, enhancing your practice's efficiency.


Our nephrology medical billing services ensure accurate claims and efficient reimbursements, supporting your practice's productivity.


Our anesthesiology medical billing services ensure accurate claims and timely reimbursements, improving your practice's efficiency.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy medical billing services ensure accurate claims and swift reimbursements, streamlining your practice's workflow.

Internal Medicine.

Our internal medicine medical billing services ensure accurate claims and timely reimbursements, optimizing your practice's operations.

Quality Numbers


We audit your medical practice upside down and come up with a workflow that optimizes your performance in every manner and adds value to the crumbling billing system.

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Our Testimonials.

Loved by our Clients.

Sarah Johnson Patients

Efficient, accurate, and reliable—transformed our billing process with precision and professionalism.

Emily Rodriguez Patients

Outstanding service! Streamlined our revenue cycle management seamlessly, ensuring compliance and maximizing reimbursements.

Michelle Lee Patients

Expertise in medical billing exceeded expectations, delivering timely reimbursements and improving financial workflows.

Amanda Patel Patients

Dedicated team, exceptional results! Simplified our billing complexities, optimizing revenue and reducing administrative burden.

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Whether it’s billing, coding, MIPS reporting, credentialing, accounts receivable management, or follow-up services, we offer the best of all worlds. With an experienced partner like us, clinicians can expedite their cash flow.

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